ASN.1 documentation of erlc

Vance Shipley <>
Sat Sep 13 05:14:50 CEST 2003


In the ASN1 User's Guide Section 1.3.1 Compile-time Functions
it describes using the erlc program.  It incorrectly gives the
syntax "-i IncludeDir" but in fact it requires a capital 'I'
as in "-I IncludeDir".

It should be changed in two places; the example:

   erlc -o ../asnfiles -i ../asnfiles -i /usr/local/standards/asn1 Person.asn

and the description:

   -i IncludeDir 
       Where to search for .asn1db files with info about types and 
       values imported from other modules. This option can be repeated 
       many times if there are several places to search in. The compiler 
       will always search the current directory first. 


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