asn1 improvement proposal

Kenneth Lundin <>
Tue Aug 26 11:14:15 CEST 2003


We have been thinking on a solution like that earlier but didn't find 
time and motivation to implement it then.

It would be ok to receive the unknown "elipsis" parts as an undecoded 
binary and to pass that to the encoder function for further 
distribution, but I think is would be difficult for the user to create a 
correct binary on his own and pass to the encoder.

I think your suggestion is worth taking up and we might implement it in 
a coming version although we have to think about compatibility too.

/Regards Kenneth

Per Bergqvist wrote:
> Hi,
> The asn1 en/decoder proberly handles ellipsis notation as it is
> today.
> However, the decoder receives an extended PDU with 
> ellipsis data it will simply discard that information.
> There is no way to tell the encoder to add extension information.
> I propose that each record generated by the compiler should add 
> an additional '$ellipsis' field for the last '...' in a sequence/set.
> The decoder should add any extension information to the '$ellipsis'
> field. The encoder should allow the user to put extension information.
> This improvement would allow creation of proxy functions where one
> does not always have the latest available/vendor specific spec.
> /Per
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