[erlang-bugs] Error on running Erlang SSH server

Michael.K.Schmidt <>
Wed Jun 18 17:55:54 CEST 2014

Hi Mario,

I noticed that you had "Putty" in your dir path
("C:/Utility/Putty/ssh_daemon"). Is your private key a .ppk file? Putty on
Windows uses a different file format for its keys than what the Erlang ssh
library is expecting.  From  "PuTTY Key Generator", select "Conversions" ->
"Export OpenSSH key" and save it as

Hope that helps,

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Hi Tony,
you were right about the wrong tuple where I specified the system_dir.

Tried with the following:

>{ok, Sshd} = ssh:daemon(8988, [{auth_methods, "password"},
{user_passwords, [{"mario", "mariopasswd"}]}, {system_dir,
"C:/Utility/Putty/ssh_daemon"} ]).

but at client connection:
>{ok, ConnectionRef} = ssh:connect("E7E4115BF83167", 8988, [{user,
"mario"}, {password, "mariopasswd"}, {user_dir,
"C:/Utility/Putty/public_key"}, {silently_accept_hosts, true},
{user_interaction, false} ], 5000).
** exception error: no match of right hand side value {error,"Internal

I got the same error.

The host keys are installed in the specified paths.

which ssh version are you running?

Hi Hans,
from the output of ssh:module_info()., I get:

Thanks all so far for your help.


From: Tony Rogvall [mailto:]
Sent: venerdì 13 giugno 2014 15:14
Cc: Mario Santoro; 
Subject: Re: [erlang-bugs] Error on running Erlang SSH server

On 13 jun 2014, at 14:46, Hans Nilsson <> wrote:

which ssh version are you running?
On 2014-06-12 17:03, Mario Santoro wrote:
      I’m trying to run an SSH server in Erlang and test a <user/password>
      connection over SSH.
      I’ve generated an RSA keys pair (with NO passphrase) for the SSH
      system and put the private key into “C:/Utility/Putty/ssh_daemon”
      while the user public_key is into “C:/Utility/Putty/public_key”
      I’m running both the server and the client on the same PC, into two
      different Erlang nodes.

      The SSH server starts fine:
      ()1> ssh:start().
      ()2> {ok, Sshd} = ssh:daemon(8988,
      [{auth_methods, "password"}, {user_passwords, [{"mario",
      "mariopasswd"},{system_dir, "C:/Utility/Putty/ssh_daemon"}]} ]).

Could the problem be that {system_dir, "C:/Utility/Putty/ssh_daemon"}
is specified in the {user_passwords,..} list and not as a separate
option. ?


            but on receiving a connection from the client:
            ()1> ssh:start().
            ()2> {ok, ConnectionRef} = ssh:connect
            ("E7E4115BF83167", 8988, [{user, "mario"}, {password,
            "mariopasswd"}, {user_dir, "C:/Utility/Putty/public_key"},
            {silently_accept_hosts, true}, {user_interaction, false} ],
            ** exception error: no match of right hand side value
            {error,"Internal error"}

            the SSH server application is crashing with the following
            =ERROR REPORT==== 29-May-2014::17:44:58 ===
            Erlang ssh connection handler failed with reason:
            , Stacktace: [{ssh_file,identity_pass_phrase,






            please report this to 

            This happens at each client connection attempt.
            Could you please help me on this issue?

            Thank you in advance for your help.


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