[erlang-bugs] httpc keep-alive bug

jan_kowalski6669 <>
Thu Jan 30 11:04:29 CET 2014

I have function:
some_function(Url, Cookie, Command, Command2) ->
httpc:request(post, {Url, [{"Cookie", Cookie}], "text/xml", Command}, [], [{socket_opts, [{keepalive, true}]}]),
httpc:request(post, {Url, [{"Cookie", Cookie}], "text/xml", Command2}, [], [{socket_opts, [{keepalive, true}]}]).
which sends two request to same Url with different command, one after another.
Screenshot from wireshark: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=9s8m03&s=8
As you can see, in last call of some_function, first request is ok, but second is send to nowhere, and i got no response because first result was without keep-alive header, so second request should open new connection, but it didn't
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