[erlang-bugs] Segmentation fault when destroying a wx_object

Erlang <>
Wed Jan 29 10:37:24 CET 2014


Operating system: OSX 10.9.1
Erlang version: R16B03
Configure flags: —enable-darwin-64bit

I’m getting a seg fault when the XRC dialog is destroyed. This also occurs on the 32bit pre-built binary of R16B03 from erlang-solutions (it does not occur on previous 32bit versions). It only occurs when event handlers are attached, and isn’t specifically related to XRC as I get the same error when I destroy a wx_object contained within a wxAuiNotebook (the XRC sample was easier to reproduce).

Run xrc:test/0 and simply close the dialog in the provided sample to reproduce the bug (it might require a few attempts). 


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