[erlang-bugs] Segfault on Erlang VM

yoshiyuki kanno <>
Fri Feb 7 02:21:40 CET 2014


I'm getting some segfaults on some Erlang VMs while I have tested
LeoFS(http://www.leofs.org) that is a distributed file sytem written
in Erlang.
I could reproduce this issue on a LeoFS cluster with specific
workroads, but it's difficult to reproduce and survey for others.
So I tried to make reproducable code as minimum as possible and put
codes, environments, how to reproduce, backtrace when segfault occured
into below gist.

- Case1: Segfault in case using file:pread

- Case2: Segfault in case constructing Binary

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Yoshiyuki Kanno
LeoFS Committer(http://www.leofs.org)
Stoic Corp.
URL: http://www.stoic.co.jp/

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