[erlang-bugs] epmd_srv.c:(.text+0x830): undefined reference to `sd_listen_fds'

Michael Gebetsroither <>
Wed Apr 30 19:07:08 CEST 2014

On 2014-04-30 18:26, Jani Hakala wrote:
> Lukas Larsson <> writes:


>> If you, or someone else, have a machine with systemd support, the
>> branch to test can be found here:
>> https://github.com/garazdawi/otp/tree/lukas/erts/autoconf-fixes
> I tested this branch in debian enviroment that had libsystemd-daemon-dev
> and libsystemd-daemon0 packages installed (systemd not actually in use
> as /sbin/init). Building went ok.
> Most of the binaries ended up being linked to libsystemd-daemon
> needlessly. It could be avoided:

>From systemd changelog:

>   * The APIs "sd-journal.h", "sd-login.h", "sd-id128.h",
>           "sd-daemon.h" are no longer found in individual libraries
>           libsystemd-journal.so, libsystemd-login.so,
>           libsystemd-id128.so, libsystemd-daemon.so. Instead, we have
>           merged them into a single library, libsystemd.so, which
>           provides all symbols. The reason for this is cyclic
>           dependencies, as these libraries tend to use each other's
>           symbols.
> ...
>         -- Berlin, 2014-02-20

If one really need those old libraries there is --enable-compat-libs, BUT
in changelog of version 210 it is stated:
"Please make sure to use --enable-compat-libs only during a transitional period!"
Thus you should really link to libsystemd.

Michael Gebetsroither

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