[erlang-bugs] ssl

Samir Sow <>
Sat Apr 12 09:37:18 CEST 2014


Still struggling with ssl.
I decided to check what’s going on at the ssl module level. Did a step by step ssl connection using the erlang ssl doc.
Found an error erlang:size badarg, but could not understand if it’s a problem with the key/cert files or with the data sent by the client.

The client was openssl s_client.

Any help welcomed. Thx


{ok, SSLSocket} = ssl:ssl_accept(Socket, [{cacertfile, "priv/cert/cacert.crt"}, {certfile, "priv/cert/server.crt"}, {keyfile, "priv/cert/server.key"}]).
** exception exit: {{badarg,
    in function  gen_fsm:sync_send_all_state_event/3 (gen_fsm.erl, line 242)
    in call from ssl_connection:sync_send_all_state_event/2 (ssl_connection.erl, line 1649)
    in call from ssl_connection:handshake/2 (ssl_connection.erl, line 97)
    in call from tls_connection:start_fsm/8 (tls_connection.erl, line 81)
    in call from ssl_connection:ssl_accept/7 (ssl_connection.erl, line 84)

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