[erlang-bugs] open_port({spawn, ..}, [{env, [{"TEST", ""}]}]) deletes TEST

Carsten Schultz <>
Sun Oct 13 22:45:30 CEST 2013

Hello everyone,

I am using Erlang on Unix. I have tested the following with R16B02 on OS
X, but originally noticed it using R15B01 on Debian.

The behaviour of the env option to open_port/2 seems not to correspond
to the documentation.  According to how I read the documention,
open_port({spawn_executable, Path}, [{env, [{"TEST", ""}]}]) should set
the variable TEST to the empty string, what I observe is that it is not
set and is deleted if already existent.

I can of course produce a test case, but I thought this was easy enough
to reproduce that this is not necessary. Please let me know, if it would
be helpful.



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