[erlang-bugs] Let the compiler understand its own BEAM output

Anthony Ramine <>
Tue Nov 19 20:11:50 CET 2013

I’ve made a new more general branch with other fixes:

	git fetch https://github.com/nox/otp.git asm-reentrant


This also tests for BEAM output recompilation in both compilation_SUITE and compile_SUITE.


Anthony Ramine

Le 18 nov. 2013 à 13:41, Anthony Ramine <> a écrit :

> I owe you a beer for that tip, I should have thought to grep for no_postopt in the code.
> I have just found another discrepancy with regard to allocate and init by recompiling sofs.
> -- 
> Anthony Ramine
> Le 18 nov. 2013 à 12:58, Björn Gustavsson <> a écrit :
>> Suggestion: Include the following one-line change in your patch and
>> fix the remaining problems:

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