[erlang-bugs] app file documentation of included_applications

Michael Truog <>
Sat Nov 16 04:28:47 CET 2013


The documentation at: http://www.erlang.org/doc/man/app.html

For included_applications says: "All applications which are included by this application. When this application is started, all included application will automatically be loaded, but not started, by the application controller. It is assumed that the topmost supervisor of the included application is started by a supervisor of this application."

What it does not say, is that all the application dependencies of the included_applications are started automatically for you. While that handling of included_applications makes sense, it would be good to make explicit in the documentation, so people aren't led to believe they must start included_application dependencies manually (or so that they don't use included_applications if they do want to start the whole application manually).

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