[erlang-bugs] igor reorders types to create errors

Michael Truog <>
Sat May 18 05:50:07 CEST 2013


If a type is declared in the same file as a record and the type depends on a record being defined the resulting file will fail to compile due to the record not being defined, simply because the type is automatically put at the top of the file (by igor), above the record definition.  This problem may relate to the preprocessor, since I am surprised the order is significant.

I understand the various igor bugs might be an annoyance, since the module name may simply indicate that the module itself is only meant to annoy and that it may never actually do anything properly for the mad scientist.  However, I am still hopeful that it (or something like it) might provide error-less module transformations, despite module names within the Erlang code (like child specs).  So, it would be nice if it wasn't simply discarded due to its problems.


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