[erlang-bugs] R16B asn1 incompatibility could be more explicitly stated in readme

Ferenc Holzhauser <>
Fri Mar 1 14:07:08 CET 2013


After updating my development machine to R16B a project that uses ASN1
encoding/decoding stopped working.
I need to recompile the ASN1 files (old generated modules try to use
asn1rt_ber_bin_v2 which disappeared in R16B) and also change code for the
new binary return of encode.

Although I'd love to have them backward compatible so I can try the new
nice things "for free" I'm not complaining at about these obvious
After a certain level of refactoring, backward compatibility is difficult
to keep.

There are hints in the readme but IMO this incompatibility should be a bit
more explicitly mentioned.

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