[erlang-bugs] common_test + test_server_io errors

Tim Watson <>
Tue Jul 30 16:34:08 CEST 2013

So chaps, I've found the commit that altered the IO handling in test_server (in fact, the addition of test_server_io). To clarify, prior to the addition of test_server_io, calls to ct:log/2 (and friends, e.g., ct:pal/2 and so on) would succeed even if no test was running and end up being handled as if they resided in before/after suite and/or before/after testcase functions. Now it seems that I've got to vet all the processes that might end up calling ct:log/2 (indirectly via my event manager) somehow, but there's no proper API to determine whether or not it is safe to do so. Having all my debug/info level testing framework logs emitted to the HTML files was a big reason for choosing common_test, so I'm loth to redirect them elsewhere. My code is basically doing lots of custom (data driven) setup/teardown before and after test suites and test cases, and even though some of this runs before (or during) the common_test test run is started, I *really* don't want to have to create yet another file location that needs to be inspected when tests fail. I'm also not keen on filling up stdio with lots of logging noise.

Any ideas how I can work around this situation without shooting myself in the head/foot? ;)


On 12 Jul 2013, at 08:36, Tim Watson wrote:

> Hi Lukas, thanks for letting me know!
> Cheers,
> Tim
> On 12 Jul 2013, at 08:29, Lukas Larsson <> wrote:
>> Hello Tim,
>> Peter is currently away enjoying the sunny summer here in Sweden. I'm sure he will get back to you when he comes back!
>> Lukas
>> On 12/07/13 02:03, Tim Watson wrote:
>>> On 1 July 2013 10:25, Tim Watson <> wrote:> We should try to rule out that there's a bug that causes test_server
>>> > failure.
>>> How can I assist in verifying that?
>>> Any more news on this? Is there anything more I can do to assist?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Tim
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