[erlang-bugs] A dets big ?

Manuel Durán Aguete <>
Thu Jul 25 20:43:29 CEST 2013


After some research the problem seem to be related to a dets:traverse/2
after the dets file is opened.

I've updated the code in github with new tests, now it calls dets directly.

Thank you. Regards.

2013/7/24 Manuel Durán Aguete <>

> Hi all,
> I've posted to erlang-questions but email is waiting for moderator
> approval.
> After upgrading a project from R14B03 to R16B01 I've found that dets files
> are growing constanly after delete operations. In previous version the
> empty space was reused to allocate new data, after R16B seems that empty
> space isn't reused.
> I've uploaded a test case to github: http://kcy.me/oz1s
> any idea ?
> Than You. Regards
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