[erlang-bugs] reltool gui and wxWidgets 2.9

Tuncer Ayaz <>
Fri Jul 19 17:59:06 CEST 2013

Given that current wxErlang builds and wx:demo/0 works successfully
with wxWidgets 2.9 Gtk+ 2.x, I did assume it's supposed to generally
work. I did encounter some oddities though when I tried to start the
reltool GUI via reltool:start/0.

Basically, starting a fresh node and running reltool:start() doesn't
work for me. The only way to successfully spawn it with wxErlang built
against wxWidgets 2.9 is as follows:

-- call reltool:debug() instead of reltool:start():
   1> reltool:debug().

-- call reltool:start() after having spawned another wxErlang GUI first:
   1> observer:start().
   2> reltool:start().

-- dbg trace calls to reltool:* and reltool:start_link/1:
   3> reltool:start().
   (<0.31.0>) call reltool:start()
   (<0.31.0>) call reltool:start([])
   (<0.31.0>) call reltool:start_link([])
   (<0.31.0>) call reltool_sys_win:start_link([])
   (<0.31.0>) returned from reltool_sys_win:start_link/1 -> {ok,<0.38.0>}
   4> (<0.31.0>) returned from reltool:start_link/1 -> {ok,<0.38.0>}
   (<0.31.0>) returned from reltool:start/1 -> {ok,<0.38.0>}
   (<0.31.0>) returned from reltool:start/0 -> {ok,<0.38.0>}

Other interesting wxWidgets 2.9 observations:

-- debugger:simple(reltool, start, []) segfault:
   1> debugger:quick(reltool, start, []).
   Segmentation fault (core dumped)

-- reltool:debug/0 next/continue segfault:
   1> debugger:quick(reltool, debug, []).
   ;; it spawns successfully but segfaults when you press next/continue
   Segmentation fault (core dumped)

-- generally speaking the wxWidgets 2.9 version seems to take longer
   to display the initial window.

To be clear, I haven't seen any of the above issues with wxErlang
built against wxWidgets 2.8.

Is wxWidgets 2.9 support still experimental and are these errors

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