[erlang-bugs] megaco flex warning

Fred Hebert <>
Thu Jan 31 22:26:18 CET 2013

I agree the output should be either decimal or hex. Hex is likely nicer
for the usual looking upwhat characters are online, though decimal works
nicer for Erang handling given decimal is the default output.

If flex is in charge of that, I'm all for blaming Flex for the problem.


On 01/31, Tuncer Ayaz wrote:
> There's a warning while processing megaco_flex_scanner_drv.flex:
> megaco_flex_scanner_drv.flex:443: warning, the character range [~-ÿ]
>     is ambiguous in a case-insensitive scanner
> Maybe flex should print decimal or hex values in the character range
> instead to make it clearer and potentially more portable.
> flex vsn: 2.5.37
> perl vsn 5.16.2
> locale: en_US.iso88591
> otp.git: 68b804f
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