[erlang-bugs] R16 build error: syntax error before: '¿'

Tuncer Ayaz <>
Sat Jan 19 19:07:05 CET 2013

Can anyone else reproduce the following build error in current git
master? The locale in use is en_US.iso88591.

 ERLC   ../ebin/erl_scan.beam
erl_scan.erl:539: syntax error before: '¿'
erl_scan.erl:708: syntax error before: '¿'
erl_scan.erl:462: function scan1/5 undefined
erl_scan.erl:479: function scan1/5 undefined
erl_scan.erl:666: function scan_name/2 undefined
erl_scan.erl:1226: Warning: function scan_exponent/6 is unused
erl_scan.erl:1233: Warning: function float_end/6 is unused
erl_scan.erl:1243: Warning: function skip_comment/6 is unused
erl_scan.erl:1246: Warning: function skip_comment/7 is unused
:make[1]: *** [../ebin/erl_scan.beam] Error 1

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