[erlang-bugs] ssl memory leak

Ingela Anderton Andin <>
Thu Jan 10 10:13:51 CET 2013


Daniel Barney wrote:
> Hey guys so this is what i'm seeing. I'm trying to debug this issue
> and have found a few things but I am still missing something.
> I'm upgrading a tcp connection so an ssl connection manually. mostly
> because i need to serve different certificates, and starting up
> another listener to listen on the same port but a different ip address
> is just a little cumbersome. So i have one listener that upgrades a
> connection based on which ip the client connects to. Right now I have
> 200+ ip addresses on the machine that have certs associated with them.
> This is how i am doing it:
> ssl:ssl_accept(Socket,[{active,false},{verify, verify_none}] ++ Certs)
> where Socket is a gen_tcp socket. and Certs is a proplist containing
> the paths to the certs.
> The problem that I am seeing is two ets tables grow linearly as the
> system accepts encrypted requests. the tables that grow are the
> 'ssl_otp_cacertificate_db' and 'ssl_otp_ca_file_ref'. both tables are
> started and managed by the ssl_manager process.
> I have found one memory leak submitted a patch to fix it, but it has
> never shown up on the erlang-patches list. I will include it here
> this is the patch that fixes around 90% of the leaks that i saw:
> https://gist.github.com/4495139

Good catch, the function used to only be called by the manager but it
was changed when trying to remove bottlenecks. I will apply the patch
for R16.

> i put it in a gist, because gmail will mangle it. What the patch does
> is it sends the cleaning message to the ssl_manager process, instead
> of the ssl_connection process that is requesting the cleaning.
> The patch fixes a lot of the leaking. Before applying the patch every
> single time a tcp connection was upgraded, the certs would be leaked
> and never removed from the 'ssl_otp_cacertificate_db' table. After the
> patch, almost all of them are removed, but something is happening that
> i can't see, and it is still not removing the certificates from the
> table.
> This normally grinds my servers to a halt after 2 days, which means
> right now I have to log in and restart them every day. So i would
> really appreciate any help to track this issue down.
> looking for some help,
> Daniel

You can mail me privately if you want and maybe give me more details to 
go on. We are of course interested in finding and fixing all potential 

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB

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