[erlang-bugs] make -j 16 fails when ./configure --with-dynamic-trace=systemtap

Patrik Nyblom <>
Thu Feb 28 10:31:16 CET 2013

On 02/27/2013 05:52 PM, Yiannis Tsiouris wrote:
> Hi,
> On 02/01/2013 05:06 PM, Yiannis Tsiouris wrote:
>> I'm trying to build an Erlang/OTP system configured with
>> --with-dynamic-trace=systemtap and it fails with:
>>> beam/dtrace-wrapper.h:49:27: error: erlang_dtrace.h: No such file or
>> directory
>> I attach the full log for details.
>> Let me state that this works well when I do a simple make (without the
>> -j flag). Is this a known issue?
> Has anyone done anothing for this? Because it's still failing...
Nope. Wasn't severe enough to make it into the last sprint for R16B.

Can you try the attached patch and see if it works for you?
> Thanks,
> yiannis
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