[erlang-bugs] module_info function of pman doesn't work. (call to tuple fun)

Kyungho Yun <>
Tue Feb 12 10:43:47 CET 2013

Hi all.

module_info function of pman doesn't work.

To reproduce
1. pman:start() on erlang shell.
2. select a process in Pman window.
3. Select View menu.
4. Select module_info.
5. You can see error message instead of the module infomation.

Erlang R16A RC / ubuntu 12.04

It works until R15B04 with some warning message:
  Call to tuple fun {gs_frontend,module_info}.
  Tuple funs are deprecated and will be removed in R16. Use "fun M:F/A"
instead, for example "fun gs_frontend:module_info/0".
  (This warning will only be shown the first time a tuple fun is called.)

similar codes:
  90:apply({M, F}, Args)
  101:apply({M, F}, Args, Options)

  81:    apply({a,b},[1005]),
  82:    apply({a,A},[1005]), % {a,'$F_EXPR',1}

  549:    vformat("", catch apply({ModuleName, module_info},[])).

  363:        case catch apply({Module, Func}, [Opt, Data]) of

BR. Yun,Kyungho.
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