[erlang-bugs] R16A erl.exe does not exit properly on Windows.

Konrad Gądek <>
Fri Feb 1 14:12:49 CET 2013

FYI no such strange behaviour on Windows 7 Home Premium, x86-64, R16A 64bit.
Does q() also give you such strange behaviour?

/Konrad Gądek

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Od: "Edward D. McDowell" <>
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Wysłane: czwartek, 31 styczeń 2013 19:10:16
Temat: [erlang-bugs] R16A erl.exe does not exit properly on Windows.

The Erlang command line program erl.exe release R16A does not exit properly 

on Windows 7 Starter Edition using a 32-bit processor. 

When the shell is terminated using either init:stop() or halt() several 

hundred carriage-return line-feed sequences are printed and then Windows 

displays "erl.exe has stopped working." No crash dump is produced. 

This problem does not occur with the Windows shell werl.exe. 
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