[erlang-bugs] Dependencies changed for building wx .so files?

Paul Dickson <>
Tue Dec 31 05:17:19 CET 2013

Back in March 2013 a problem appeared in the Arch Linux package
distribution of Erlang R16B01.  The package building procedure was not
building the two .so files that are part of the wx package, as described in
the Arch bug:

The problem turned out to be two missing dependencies, wxgtk and wxgtk2.0.
 When those were added to the Arch package build procedure for Erlang,
Erlang/otp's own build procedure then generated wxe_driver.so and
 erl_gl.so.  Without the wxgtk dependencies being provided, the wx 'priv'
directory was not being created at all.

So that was fixed.  But now in R16B03 the problem is back again: no wx .so
files.  Even though the wxgtk dependencies are being used.  The bug report
for that is here:

The assumption is that there is some new dependency that the wx application
wants.  We have not been able to locate the place in Erlang's build
packages where this is specified explicitly, so the missing dependencies
can be added to the Arch package-building procedure.  So some guidance on
how to locate wx's dependencies would be appreciated.

Downloading the Erlang sources and building that on my own machine works
just fine, of course.
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