[erlang-bugs] [erlang-patches] syntax_tools anonymous function error

Henrik Nord <>
Thu Dec 19 11:36:24 CET 2013


We will not merge this patch just before Christmas and release a R16B03-1.

Our suggestion is that:
1. If you are affected by this bug, apply the patch yourself until it 
will be merged into Erlang/OTP. (probably 17rc1 late January)
2. If you are using chicagoboss, stay on R16B02 if possible.
3. compile "lib/syntax_tools/src/erl_syntax.erl" and put the beam up for 
download on chicagoboss.org for R16B03 users.
4. add the patch to the rebar deps of chicagoboss.

We will try to make sure things like this do not sneak into releases in 
the future, and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

/Henrik Nord Erlang/OTP

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