[erlang-bugs] Possible bug in file:sendfile/5

Vincent Siliakus <>
Thu Dec 12 15:00:25 CET 2013


It seems that file:sendfile/5 in some situations corrupts or unexpectedly
closes the socket it uses. I stumbled up on this while using Elli, a small
but flexible http server (https://github.com/knutin/elli).

The issue manifests itself when some clients are making single requests
(ie. they close the socket after receiving a response) in a short timespan,
where the response is a file send back to the clients, using
file:sendfile/5. Once in a while, after an acceptor has responded and tries
to reuse the connection and calls gen_tcp:recv/3 again, instead of
receiving {error, closed}, it receives {error, ebadf}

I created a small example, that imitates Elli's tcp acceptor loop, without
all the http parsing stuff. When running this example I can reliably
reproduce this issue on two systems.

System one is a dual core Mac Book Pro, running Ubuntu 13.10 and Erlang
16B03. System two is single core VMWare VM, running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and
Erlang 15B03. I tried different async-thread settings on both systems (also
disabling async-threads altogether, by using +A 0), which doesn't seem to
make a difference.

I published the example as a gist at github, which can be found here:

In my example, sendfile:server/0 creates a listener, with {active, false}
and spawns 10 processes as acceptors on that listening socket.
sendfile:clients/0 spawns 50 clients that are all performing a single
request, after which they close the connection.

If you run the example and no {error, ebadf} manifests itself, you can
uncomment the timer:sleep(100) call on line 34, as that seems to make it
more likely that the error will popup. Note also that you can replace the
sendfile call with an alternative implementation that uses file:read_file
and gen_tcp:send, by changing the sendfile(Socket, Path) call with sendfile2
(Socket, Path) on line 32. Using the alternative implementation, I can not
reproduce the issue and everything seems to work as expected.

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