[erlang-bugs] common_test + test_server_io errors

Tim Watson <>
Tue Aug 27 12:20:06 CEST 2013

On 23 Aug 2013, at 16:43, Peter Andersson wrote:
> Ok, I have something for you now that will hopefully work. Please test
> it as soon as you can and get back to me!

Hi Peter! Thanks for this - I'll get it tested this afternoon.

> I've modified both Common Test and Test Server and you'll find the
> changes in this branch:
>  git://github.com/peppe-erlang/otp.git peppe/common_test/cth_ctrl


> Here's how logging works (which I mean to document properly in the
> User's Guide before the upcoming release): All printouts with ct:log/2
> or ct:pal/2, or any error/progress reports that happen in the pre-test
> phase are saved in a log file which you find a link to on the CT
> Framework Log page. Similarly, all printouts/reports that happen in the
> post-test phase, are saved in the same log file, and you get a link to
> this section also on the CT Framework Log page.


> When tests run, printouts and reports are saved as usual in the test
> case log files, or in the Unexpected I/O Log (for any printouts that
> can't be associated to a particular test case).
> I hope this solution works for you. Please get back to me with comments
> and questions!

Will do. Thanks again for looking at this. I'll get back to you as soon as I've had a chance to test it.


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