[erlang-bugs] Crypto app and Solaris Openssl libraries

John Peacock <>
Thu Sep 27 19:12:27 CEST 2012

According to the documentation:


"The current implementation of the Erlang Crypto application is based on 
the OpenSSL package version 0.9.7 or higher."

Unfortunately, the Openssl project released the original 0.9.7 
2002-12-31 and the last release 0.9.7m 2007-02-23, so that statement is 
misleading at best.  Since Openssl was not 100% API compliant for all of 
those releases (adding new functions in 0.9.7e and 0.9.7h) the docs need 
to be much more specific.

We have an application that must support Solaris 10u6, which shipped 
with Openssl 0.9.7d (we cannot upgrade the system library and I'd rather 
not provide a thirdparty Openssl package).  I am able to build erlang, 
but the crypto module fails to load due to missing symbols.

So I have two questions:

1) Can anyone confirm that the crypto app actually supports 0.9.7e and 
newer (or indeed what is the earliest release that is actually supported)?

2) Would you accept a patch for crypt.c to stub out the unsupported 
0.9.7[x] methods with atom_notsup (much like the HAVE_SHA### stuff is 
currently handled)?

Thanks in advance...


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