[erlang-bugs] epmd assumes is always available

Sun Oct 14 10:57:47 CEST 2012

Le 13/10/2012 22:31, Thomas Steen Rasmussen a écrit :
> Hello guys,
> I am using erlang in a FreeBSD jail for RabbitMQ and I've hit what I
> belive is a wrong assumption in epmd. FreeBSD jails do not have
> available. Instead you normally add the jails IP as
> localhost in /etc/hosts to help software that connects to localhost
> find the correct IP to use.


did you try to let the erlang node bind the real IP address at start by
setting the kernel directive {inet_dist_use_interface, ip_address()}
and create a dummy interface only for epmd (is it allowed in a
FreeBSD jail ?) ?

note that epmd always add the loopback address anyway even when
overriding the listen addresses ( -address list or ERL_EPMD_ADDRESS env var)

my 10 cents.

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