[erlang-bugs] bug in filelib:ensure_dir on Windows.

luc.tanguay <>
Wed May 23 06:07:23 CEST 2012


I run R14B02 on Windows 2K8 64-bit server (but Erlang is 32-bit).  But looking at the latest code from GitHub, the problem is still there.

When I try filelib:ensure_dir("Y:/toto.txt") and the drive "Y:" does not exist, the VM crashes after a few minutes with eheap_alloc cannot allocate 1425410620 bytes of memory (of type "heap").

Looking at the Erlang source code for ensure_dir/1, and if I'm reading it right,  the endless loop is caused because the dirname in "Y:/toto.txt" is "Y:/" but "Y:/" is not considered a directory by do_is_dir/2. So a recursive call to ensure_dir/1 is done, and.....

Is it really a bug?


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