[erlang-bugs] httpc_manager cancel_request seems not ok

Vyacheslav Vorobyov <>
Fri May 18 14:47:47 CEST 2012

Seems that me the only person who is using this functionality :). Anyway.
I have a problem with cancel request when using a httpc to get data as
a stream. My version of Erlang is R14B03, but after some digging in
freshest code on github I have found the following interesting things
in httpc_manager:

% The thing 1. . It seems it is supposed that ets table will contain
records #handler_info
do_init(ProfileName, CookiesDir) ->
    HandlerDbName = handler_db_name(ProfileName),
	    [protected, set, named_table, {keypos, #handler_info.id}]),


% The thing 2. . It seems it is supposed that ets table will contain a
tuples of arity 3
handle_call({cancel_request, RequestId}, From, State) ->
    ?hcri("cancel_request", [{request_id, RequestId}]),
    case ets:lookup(State#state.handler_db, RequestId) of
	[] ->
	[{_, Pid, _}] ->
	    httpc_handler:cancel(RequestId, Pid, From),
	    {noreply, State#state{cancel =
				  [{RequestId, Pid, From} |

The arity of a tuple #handler_info is slightly not 3.

Best Regargs,

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