[erlang-bugs] SystemTap kludge omitted from DTrace mega-patch for R15B01

Scott Lystig Fritchie <>
Thu May 10 22:57:19 CEST 2012

Hi, all.  I just noticed that there was one part of my DTrace mega-patch
for R1501 that was omitted ... and causes some icky problems for

That change looked mostly like this:


... and was included in the 5-part squished feature branch that was
submitted to the OTP team for the R15B01 release.  I assume that this
particular kludge wasn't used because it is ugly?

Well, granted, it's quite ugly.  But it makes stuff *work*.  From some
small testing efforts with SystemTap 1.6, a kludge-less build does not
work correctly.  Nor does Solaris 10, though the loss of function is
much smaller for Solaris 10 than for Linux's SystemTap.

What is the tolerance level for this kind of ugliness for R15B02?  I've
started putting Erlang-triggered probes into Riak, but if the entire
SystemTap-using community cannot get those probes to work, then the
value of adding the probes is significantly diminished.


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