[erlang-bugs] [driver_select in windows] no handlers fired on socket activity, possible bug?

Luis Rascão <>
Sun May 6 21:22:45 CEST 2012

Hi all,
I made an erlang port driver that simply does the following:

   - initializes with a start() method
   - creates a socket, binds on port 5555 and invokes listen on it on a
   listen method
   - invoke driver_select for said socket with ERL_DRV_READ set
   - the port driver declares a ready_input on the ErlDrvEntry structure

   - on linux, when i connect to port 5555, the ready_input fires up
   - on windows, i get nothing, no handler is fired up

i tried with a bunch of different erlang versions including the latest
(R15B01) and keep getting the same problem

is there something i'm missing? is there some special directive that should
be issued for windows?
i'm attaching this simple port driver along with the vs2010 solution that
i'm using for building it (located in build-aux\msvc)

any help would be greatly appreciated
Luis Rascão
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