[erlang-bugs] net_adm:ping annoying messages due to /etc/hosts content

Sun Jun 3 16:38:47 CEST 2012

> host.lan host
> Why is 'localhost' is coming up at all in SASL logs? Do you start any
> of your nodes as "erl -name "?
it is mandatory for me because I do not have the short name in
/etc/host, only the long name.
not	   test1

in second case -name test1  works. You are right.

No we do not use neither localhost for a node name.

I have something like	

and the simple fact to have in /etc/hosts :       localhost

create the problem, even it is not used...
It is why i suspect a bug.

and, I say again that changing to : 	mylocalhost
solve strangely the problem ...

I will try with	localhost.mydomain.priv localhost
to see what happens


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