[erlang-bugs] net_adm:ping annoying messages due to /etc/hosts content

Sun Jun 3 14:51:51 CEST 2012

Le 03/06/2012 11:48, Gleb Peregud a écrit :
> On Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 11:38 AM, PAILLEAU Eric <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> any feedback on this ?
>> I know it is not a blocking issue, but my logs are full of these
>> messages and I can't have access to the /etc/hosts in "real life" at my
>> customer environment.
> This is problematic, since usually Erlang systems are run on hosts
> with full access to all parts of the system. Hence usually it is
> acceptable to tune the system for running Erlang apps. You might be in
> a very rare situation.
rare, maybe. But I guess that many erlang nodes are not running in root
privileges and the goal of using a virtual machine should to be
independant of any OS constraints ...

>> Is any way to get rid of this whitout access to /etc/hosts ?
> What about running with -sname ?
I don't have this behaviour with -sname in my test environment.
(this is also the strange thing because 'localhost' is not fully
qualifed ...)
But I suppose the use of -name is depending of the distribution between
subnets in different datacenters. I can't change this without knowing
what I do and without customer agreement.
This could be a workaround in some case, maybe I can see at changing the
event manager to ignore this kind of message at SASL level,
but a bit weird...

thanks for your interest.

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