[erlang-bugs] ei_connect_xinit bug in windows?

Vinod H G <>
Thu Feb 16 06:21:26 CET 2012


I was trying to connect c node using ei lib in windows.

ei_connect_init and then ei_connect or ei_xconnect works fine. But
when I use ei_xconnect_init, I am getting error while connecting.

I found that WSAStartup was not called in this case, so socket
connection failed.
After calling initWinSock()) ei_connect_xinit worked.

Why is the error even though identified, not fixed. Will it be fixed
in the next version?

Code snippet from ei_connect.c
/* FIXME this code was enabled for 'erl'_connect_xinit(), why not here? */
#if 0
#ifdef __WIN32__
    if (!initWinSock()) {
	EI_TRACE_ERR0("ei_connect_xinit","can't initiate winsock");
	return ERL_ERROR;

Thanks & Regards,
Vinod H. G.

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