[erlang-bugs] eunit timeout doesn't work properly

Richard Carlsson <>
Wed Feb 1 19:27:21 CET 2012

On 02/01/2012 03:13 PM, systemio systemio wrote:
> My function works about 7 seconds.
> i test my function via {timeout,100,[{setup,S,C,F}]} and always get timeout after 5 seconds.
> BUT if i test my function via {timeout,1,[{setup,S,C,F}]} i will get timeout after a second.

Yes, the {timeout,1,...} applies to the whole subset of tests, in this 
case the setup and all the tests in it. The individual tests still get 
their default timeout of 5 seconds. If you reduce the timeout for the 
whole group to 1 second, then that will of course happen first and abort 
all the tests in the group, while in the first case it's one of the 
individual tests that times out first. Only when applied to a single 
test does {timeout,T,...} change the timeout of the test itself.

I'm sorry that this is confusing. There should probably be a separate 
way of modifying the default timeout for all individual tests.


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