[erlang-bugs] "werl.exe -detached" crashes

Daniel Goertzen <>
Thu Oct 6 19:28:48 CEST 2011

"werl.exe -detached" crashes if its full path is not specified on the
command line.  For example, this works...

C:\>c:\erlang\bin\werl.exe -detached

... but this does not (PATH includes c:\erlang\bin) ....

C:\>werl.exe -detached

A dialog pops up saying "Failed to execute
C:\erlang\ERTS-5~1.4\bin\beam.smp.dll: The system cannot find the file

The problem is that in common/erlexec.c, argv[0] is used as the basis for a
call to spawnv().  spawnv() does not search PATHs, so this fails when
argv[0] is just "werl.exe".

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