[erlang-bugs] typer crash for <<_:32, _:_*8>>

Radosław Bułat <>
Fri May 20 19:41:28 CEST 2011

2011/5/20 Kostis Sagonas <>:
> Neither I nor any other person I know of and have asked to check this was
> able to reproduce the problem. Looks like you have some left over typer from
> a previous build.
> Do:
>        make clean
>        ./otp_build autoconf
>        ./configure
>        make
> and then run the typer which is in otp/bin/typer

I did as you tell me and it works ok. So on master of otp repo there
is no such a bug. Thank you very much.


Radosław Bułat
http://radarek.jogger.pl - mój blog

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