[erlang-bugs] Segmentation fault in erts_printf_char (R13B04)

pan <>
Fri Mar 18 11:24:33 CET 2011


A correction to erts_printf, that makes it not recurse on the C stack any 
more, is on it's way. Expect to see it in the GitHub dev branch in a few 

On Fri, 18 Mar 2011, Kustarto Widoyo wrote:

> Patrik did investigation for this issue, and as fyi, the following was his 
> comment.
>> The problem encountered is that the internal printf gets a really deep
>> structure to format for the call erlag:system_info(procs), called from a
>> fun declared in gmt_cinfo_basic:erlang_system_info. The call formats a
>> binary with debug information for every process in this huge system, of
>> which one has this reeeeally deep list structure.
>> I shall limit the depth of the output in the erts_printf call, but you
>> should really not call erlang:system_info(procs) in such a huge system.
>> Using that kind of debug functionality in the system will cost *a lot*
>> in terms of memory and CPU. So a workaround for this would be to disable
>> this dumping of process debug information in your system.
> Thank you very much Patrik.

Thank you for the help in tracking this down!
> Widoyo

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