Undocumented path property required in security_directory

Garrett Smith <>
Sat Mar 12 04:24:11 CET 2011

mod_security relies on a 'path' property in a security_directory. If
this property isn't available, you can't unblock blocked users.

Refer to line 453 of mod_security_server.erl.

E.g. a config like this:

                   [{data_file, "security.dets"}]}},

will list undefined for the directory in the list of blocked users:


Config like this:

                   [{path, "/"},
                    {data_file, "security.dets"}]}},

however, will work fine.

I suspect that 'path' was supposed to be added implicitly to the
DataDir proplist during the 'store' operation in mod_security, rather
than require the user to explicitly configure it as in my example.


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