erl.exe dies but werl.exe does not on both Windows XP and 2008R2 with R14B01

Dave Cottlehuber <>
Fri Mar 4 12:11:35 CET 2011

On 4 March 2011 23:53, Dave Cottlehuber <> wrote:
> Hallo,
> There are 2 issues I've identified - VM crash & VM hang. Both occur
> within a CouchDB build of erlang, on various windows variants. This
> email covers the crash only. It is easy to reproduce:

The 2nd issue is related to VM hang, under erlsrv service account &
not batch file. I am using following erlsrv configurations; the debug
one provides a visible console so easier to work with but same issue
occurs with either service configuration.

debug: erlsrv.exe add "CouchDeBug" -workdir
"c:\couch\couchdb-1.0.2\bin" -onfail restart_always -debugtype console
-args "-sasl errlog_type error -s couch +A 4 +W w" -comment
"CouchDeBug" -machine "c:\couch\CouchDB-1.0.2\erts-5.8.2\bin\erl.exe"

new: erlsrv.exe add "NewCouch" -workdir "c:\couch\couchdb-1.0.2\bin"
-onfail restart_always -args "-sasl errlog_type error -s couch +A 4 +W
w" -comment "NewCouch" -machine

erlsrv starts erl.exe not werl.exe and so the issue noted in previous
email crops up and the application is down.

2 questions -

Why does erlsrv not use werl.exe ? it is technically possible to pass
erlsrv the -machine parameter with werl.exe, and it runs successfully
as a service avoiding the original issue. The erlang/OTP source
confirms that this is bad - but why?

2nd part. using erlsrv "-restart_always" couchdb restarts very
quickly. but after up to 8h of continuous curl _restart, the erl.exe
window definitely hangs - no input accepted - as if the REPL loop is

Any ideas why erlang seems to hang around init:restart() and what we
can do about it? Do you want any more information?

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