[erlang-bugs] gen_sctp documentation error

Michal Ptaszek <>
Tue Jun 28 09:42:52 CEST 2011


in the examples section of gen_sctp module (sctp_server.erl) it is said:

	{ok,S} = gen_sctp:open([{ip,IP},{port,Port}],[{recbuf,65536}]),
	io:format("Listening on ~w:~w. ~w~n", [IP,Port,S]),

but gen_sctp API has changed, so the example should probably now 
look like:

	{ok,S} = gen_sctp:open(Port, [{recbuf, 65536}, {ip, IP}]),
	io:format("Listening on ~w:~w. ~w~n", [IP,Port,S]),

Best regards,
Michal Ptaszek

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