[erlang-bugs] "Killed" Mnesia transaction left locks behind

Dan Gudmundsson <>
Tue Jun 14 12:26:21 CEST 2011

mnesia_locker:release_tid/1 takes a #tid{} as argument.

But I'm concerned about it not being released, the transaction process is
linked to mnesia_tm
which should handle exit message and handle it accordingly, if not it is a


On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 7:55 AM, Igor Ribeiro Sucupira <>wrote:

> An Erlang process in node N was killed while executing a transaction
> (our system does that automatically for some kinds of operations, when
> they take too long to finish).
> However, some locks were left behind in the 4 nodes that have the
> tables (this should be a bug, according to what Dan Gudmundsson once
> told me in this list).
> Anyway, I'd like to know if there's a way of releasing the locks
> without restarting the nodes.
> I tried mnesia_locker:release_tid(27211023009), but the locks still
> appear when I call mnesia:system_info(held_locks):
> - In nodes N1 and N2:
> [{{si_build_hq_frag31,7},
>  write,
>  {tid,27211023009,<8057.12454.8>}}]
> - In nodes N3 and N4:
> [{{si_build_hq_frag191,{7,1}},
>  write,
>  {tid,27211023009,<8057.12454.8>}}]
> - Also in node N3:
> [{{si_build_hq_frag191,{7,1}},
>  read,
>  {tid,27211023009,<8057.12454.8>}},
> I'm sure the process is no longer running in node N.
> Thank you.
> Igor.
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