[erlang-bugs] Specs of reltool

Niclas Axelsson <>
Thu Jan 13 17:30:26 CET 2011

On 01/12/2011 04:14 PM, Kostis Sagonas wrote:
> I was expecting some action from the responsible developer, especially 
> since I've described the issue and its solution, but apparently my 
> mail has been ignored during the last three months. :-(
> Anyway, since the rebar developers kept bothering me, I've spent some 
> time investigating this and fixed these problems. Some cleanup of the 
> file was also done as a bonus.
>    git fetch git://github.com/kostis/otp.git reltool-spec-fixes
> Kostis 
Thanks Kostis,
Sorry for not responding to your first mail.

I will merge your fix into 'pu'.

Niclas Axelsson, Erlang/OTP

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