[erlang-bugs] dialyzer: {{badmatch,none},[{erl_types,t_limit_k,2},...

anthony.shipman <>
Fri Feb 4 02:21:18 CET 2011

On Thursday 03 February 2011 21:36, Nico Kruber wrote:
> I ran into the following error with the dialyzer, today - maybe you can
> give me a hint on what is wrong or maybe it is even a bug in the
> dialyzer(?) ----------
>   Checking whether the PLT /home/nico/.dialyzer_plt is up-to-date... yes
>   Proceeding with analysis...
> =ERROR REPORT==== 3-Feb-2011::11:19:57 ===
> Error in process <0.29.0> with exit value:
> {{badmatch,none},[{erl_types,t_limit_k,2},{erl_types,'-t_limit_k/2-lc$^0/1-
> dialyzer: Analysis failed with error: {{badmatch,none},
>  [{erl_types,t_limit_k,2},
>   {erl_types,'-t_limit_k/2-lc$^0/1-2-',2},

When I get an error like this it is usually due to a .beam file whose name 
does not match the module name.

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