[erlang-bugs] Inets(5.5.1) http client keep alive mode doesn't follow RFC2616

Per Melin <>
Thu Dec 29 23:10:50 CET 2011

On Nov 16, 2011, at 10:31 , caox wrote:

> 	Have this bug been fixed in the latest version?

I did a test with R15B and it looks like it hasn't been fixed.

I reported this already back in May 2009 for R13B. At that time this bug would make the http client crash when connecting to a server that didn't support pipelining. Now it seems to instead retry the failed connections after about a minute.

>> 发件人: caox <>
>> 日期: 2011年8月16日 下午05时45分27秒格林尼治标准时间+0800
>> 收件人: Ingela Anderton Andin <>
>> 抄送: Micael Karlberg <>
>> 主题: 回复: Inets(5.5.1) http client keep alive mode doesn't follow RFC2616
>> Thanks.
>> 在 2011-8-16,下午5:28, Ingela Anderton Andin 写道:
>>> Hi!
>>> Well it looks like a bug to me, probably a slip up during a refactoring
>>> of the code.
>>> I have created a ticket for it to be solved for the next release.
>>> Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB
>>> caox wrote:
>>>> Sorry to bother you. But I have some questions of inets http client as
>>>> below. And I found you in the author list of inets so I sent this to you.
>>>> 下面是被转发的邮件:
>>>>> *发件人: *caox < <mailto:>>
>>>>> *日期: *2011年8月14日上午11时32分57秒格林尼治标准时间+0800
>>>>> *收件人: * <mailto:>
>>>>> *主题: **Inets(5.5.1) http client keep alive mode doesn't follow RFC2616*
>>>>> Hi
>>>>> According to RFC2616, a HTTP/1.1 client should send a request and
>>>>> then wait for the response before sending any subsequent request on a
>>>>> persistent connection if without pipelining.
>>>>> But when using inets5.5.1 of R14B01, we found httpc send requests
>>>>> directly to the connection without checking whether the earlier
>>>>> request on it has been responded. According to the TCP packets we
>>>>> captured from web communication, several requests were passed on the
>>>>> same connection in one TCP packet and it seems worked in pipelining
>>>>> mode. And we use the default inets opiton setting so the pipelining
>>>>> should be off in the situation.
>>>>> Also, we follow the source code of inets implementation and do not
>>>>> find any significant difference between keep alive and pipelining in
>>>>> the sending mechanism. In both mode httpc_manager:handle_request call
>>>>> httpc_handler:send, and in httpc_handler:send pipelining and keep
>>>>> alive requests will be queued in different queue in the process state
>>>>> and then sent to current connection of handler by httpc_request:send
>>>>> and then httpc_transport:send.
>>>>> So,it is a bug, or there is something I have missed in the source code?
>>>>> BR
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