[erlang-bugs] ETS ordered_set not ordered with OTP R14-B02 64 bits

Nicolas Charpentier <>
Fri Apr 1 08:35:21 CEST 2011


Testing our application with R14-B02, we noticed some strange behaviour with the timers. 
Sometimes, timer:send_interval/3 wasn't sending the message to the process.

After some investigations, it seems that in some circumstances, on an ordered_set  ets:first/1 doesn't give the lowest key. 

The minimal use case is isolated in the script bug.esh. 

The bug can be reproduce on:
- Ubuntu 64bits and Red-Hat 64 bits  (OTP compiled without any particular option )
- MacOS 64 BIts (64 bits compilation forced with ./configure --enable-darwin-64bit)

The bug can't be reproduce on:
- MacOs 32 bits
- Ubuntu 32 bits

Thanks to "git bisect" the bug seems to be introduced by the commit fff4ba0282e42e2942acebff9c10a274075c1c62

$ git start
$ git bisect good OTP_R14B01
$ git bisect bad OTP_R14B02
$ git bisect run <PATH_TO bisect_ets_bug.sh>

Nicolas Charpentier

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