hibernate/3 and HiPE

Mikael Pettersson <>
Thu Sep 30 20:57:05 CEST 2010

Paul Guyot writes:
 > Hello,
 > The following branch contains fixes for hibernate/3 and HiPE:
 > http://github.com/pguyot/otp/commits/fix-hibernate-with-hipe
 > git fetch git://github.com/pguyot/otp.git fix-hibernate-with-hipe
 > All the changes have been squashed into a single refined patch:
 > http://github.com/pguyot/otp/commit/19934190bf8c4f1232aefd92bc581b58a8e38d75
 > This new version of the patch fixes some logic fault in stack emptying and when scheduling after a TRAP in HiPE. It also resets p->current when entering hipe_mode_switch as suggested by Mikael Pettersson, thus making all stdlib hibernate-related tests pass with --enable-native-libs.

This one is Ok.

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