beam.smp (enable-native-libs) hang

Tuncer Ayaz <>
Wed Sep 8 14:02:59 CEST 2010

Erlang version: a78b39a0e9ff2cfd13273ab077dc852d70565647

Build Options: --enable-native-libs (HiPE is enabled automatically)

     linux 2.6.35 x86_32, glibc 2.12.1
     darwin 10.6.4 x86_64

Symptom: beam.smp hangs/doesn't terminate

Steps to reproduce:

There are two known ways to reproduce the issue and the simplest is:

$ hg clone
$ cd rebar
$ make
Recompile: src/rebar_xref
^Cmake: *** [all] Interrupt

Compiling src/rebar_xref.erl hangs indefinitely at 100% cpu load.

You can also reproduce the hang running 'rebar compile' in a project
that makes use of it.

A shared trait is running an escript.

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