Dialyzer expand_files bug

Ahmed Omar <>
Thu Nov 4 22:33:25 CET 2010

Hi there,
While using the dialyzer GUI, i found this bug. When you add a set of files
and directories (or directories only). The dialyzer will run analysis only
on one of the directories (last one processed).

The reason for that is the function expand_files/3 in module
dialyzer_analysis_callgraph. The function iterates over a list of files and
directories, when an item is a directory, it will replace
the accumulator with the list of files under that directory. It will
continue that behavior so eventually the output list is the last directory
processed plus files processed after it (but not other directories).

Please note that the command line version doesn't get affected by that cause
it does expand the directories into the list of underlying files before
sending them to dialyzer_analysis_callgraph module. (so it only gets a list
of files not directories).

Steps to reproduce:
1- dialyzer:gui().
2- Add dir1.
3- Add dir2.
4- Run analysis.

I will submit a patch soon.

Best Regards,
- Ahmed Omar
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